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Weighed, Measured and Found Singing


You can stand on your own,

In the middle of the arena

You can lie down on your back

Or your front, the crowd



Carefully you derobe,

Of all your deepest fears,

Your worst choices,

Mistakes you’ve made.



Judgement comes from

Around you,

On all sides you hear

Jeering, tears, gasps,



Nobody is coming to help,

To lift you from the ground,

Or hand you a gold star

And tell you you’re worth



Slowly the crowd leaves,

Robed in their deepest fears,

Layered upon appalling choices,

Mistakes they’ve made,


Jessie Hannah Photography. -3149

But you can stand on your own,

In the middle of the arena,

Freed from the weight on your back

With self-compassion



Then when you stand watching

Someone else in the arena,

Alone and naked.

Listening they will hear:



This poem is inspired by good conversations about showing up, self-acceptance and love, and is dedicated to all of you on Valentine’s Day.

This poem is also inspired by Brene Brown’s version of “The Man in The Arena” and Heath Ledger in A Knight’s Tale: You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting (which is turned on its head later in the movie). Super meta, I know.

PS: Something I love about photography is how clear it makes the idea of shifting perspectives. When you change the focus, it completely changes the way you see something.

Here’s a good example. As you can see, depending on where the focus is, the viewer focuses on the flower, the centre or the mid-area.

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