Do you have a Nova Scotian camp, cabin or small dwelling?
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If so, it might be a great fit for my book!

I am currently writing a book on small Nova Scotian Dwellings. This book will be published by Nimbus and is the perfect way to put Nova Scotia on the map for small architecture.

I am looking for people with interesting small spaces who are willing to be included in this story.

Here are some details:

I am really looking forward to exploring Nova Scotia and meeting others who share my passion and interest in small and unique buildings.

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Book Description:

The book is to be a combination of photographic and written storytelling that will weave together the narrative of some of Nova Scotia’s cabins, small dwellings and camps. Each section will include photos of a dwelling that represented a specific feature of the local industry, culture or landscape and an accompanying story that will include: history, current and original purpose, building materials, builder, geographic information, industry information (as it pertains to the small dwelling’s purpose), and unique stories that relate to the dwelling.

Some topics to be explored:


The book’s target market is adults, local and tourists, interested in history, architecture, photography, geography or building. The photographic nature of the book would make this an ideal gift or tourist take-home. In addition, my goal is to capture images from each region of the province, thus making this book suitable to sell at book stores, galleries and tourist shops province-wide.

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