Silver fox a silver hair in bangs

Oh So Lovely, Silver Foxes

I was standing in my kitchen and my sister looked at me with this look of pure joy.


“Go look in the mirror. You have a silver hair!” She said with excitement.


My reflection stared back at me with one, lovely silver hair in my dark bangs. My first. Finally, I could join the ranks of the elusive silver foxes.

Silver fox a silver hair in bangs

Fact is, I love silver hair. I’m like a magpie about it; I can spot the shiny, shimmer of a grey from across the room!


I don’t know what it is exactly. Perhaps it’s that grey hair indicates maturity. Maybe it’s simply that silver hair is remarkably harder to achieve artificially. Maybe it’s that I really enjoy the company of those older and wiser than myself.


Either way, if there is one thing I learned this fall it’s that youth is wasted on the young and 45+ has many perks, especially for women. I had the pleasure with working with a group of older women who all seemed comfortable in their own skin. I realized, I am still at the age where I have something to prove; I give a damn what others think. I make decisions based on my perceived view of the reactions of my peers, or hell, of the Internet.


But I am ready to leave this behind. I am ready to curse as much as I want to because I have nothing to prove. I’m ready to speak up for myself to my colleagues and not let people-pleasing get in the way of success. I want to go to a public shower after the pool and give ALL my parts a really good scrub because I know it’s not a Herbal Essences commercial and damn, cleanliness is important so who cares anyway?


I am sure I will look back at this post and think: so young and dumb, but for now, I am going to look forward to aging. Yes, I will be pissed when I can’t control my bladder and yes, my boobs will sag. But my hopes are that I will be silver as hell and not give a damn about any of these things!


Until then, I am practicing my maturity in the following ways:


  • Knowing when to walk away and having the courage to do it.
  • Going to bed on time.
  • Finding a new $4.95 breakfast joint and making myself at home.


Silver foxes, whether you’re mature or not, embrace your gift! They are a badge of life experience and they are stunning!


Are you greying and want to capture this moment with pride? Give me a shout for portraits and we can claim these years as a celebration!

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