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Mother’s Day Poem

An announcement to all of the mothers who feel

They aren’t meeting the mark, yet they’re ready to keel:

We’ve discovered the mark has been artificially set

It’s been tampered with (we would be willing to bet.)

Some many years ago, around 1950

We decided that moms needed luxuries so nifty

Like vacuum cleaners and a thingy-ma-bob

These great tools that would help with their job

Staying in the homes, caring for family and child

Keeping dispositions, so happy and mild.

Soon after this the PR campaign began:

“You can have it all, equal to the man,

We welcome mothers to bring their skills to the job.

We’ll find you a seat right next to Bob.”

And they drew a line, one for mom, one for man;

“Just meet this mark” was the ultimate plan.

But nobody took the weight off their back,

That mother’s all carry to keep things on track.

The mark was the same, but the mother’s were moms

Only given a few months to be this without qualms.

They also sold mothers a body of perfection

Only now do we know this was all deception

The body that gave life, and was built to produce

Was told to be thin, arms and thighs must reduce.

“Oh don’t forget, balance body, work and child,

But keep your dispositions happy and mild.”

Though we are working towards understanding

That the life of a mother is quite a bit more demanding,

We still need to acknowledge that the struggle is real

It impacts the way that every mother must feel.

And also, just simply, though dads do their part,

The bond between mother and child is an art.

It takes not only time, but it also demands

The responsibility of the future in her own hands.

Know that if you are feeling like you’re not enough

Know that your role is painfully tough.

(Yes there is joy, and yes there is love,

But know you are going beyond and above.)

Because while you are balancing work, life and play

You are a mother at the end of the day

Every mother should be able to put on her CV

“Can grow a human, make life come to be.”

As if that fact just isn’t enough

To call out any other candidate’s bluff:

“Responsible for not only a job,

The house and my family and our new puppy dog,

But RAISING the bar, and planting the seed

for the future of humans and what we all need.”

If you’re being a mother, you’re doing enough;

We’re calling it out that “the mark” is a bluff.

The future needs mothers who are given a pass

To be loving, and caring and sometimes with sass.



To all the mothers who are working hard year-round, and particularly to one who is brightening the day of many mothers on this Mother’s Day weekend. Charlotte at The Flower Shop knows this balance is real. When I popped by yesterday, she was running a busy ship, her husband on flower delivery, making sure flowers get to all the deserving moms this weekend. Check out their  Mother’s Day flowers. 

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