the word love written in time-lapse sparkler photography


Sometimes you love someone so much it makes you sob. Tears stream down your face, and it sticks thickly to your throat. This brand of love occurs when you have pulled back all of your shields, let fall each of your masks, and fully let yourself be seen. The flaws, the broken bits and the wounds and scabs are all visible. What is reflected back to you, however, is beautiful: adoration, admiration and joy. This love occurs for a person who has seen you fully and what they reflect back to you is your own beautiful wings you can rarely fully see.

This love is painful and full, raw and so complete. It hurts while being simultaneously a whole, nourishing love. The pain comes from the sense of loss: that you cannot experience this in all parts of life. A sense of worry: that you care so deeply you fear loosing this person. But mostly, it hurts because this glimpse of your wings comes only from this moment of love yet when the moment passes, you can no longer see them as easily.

And yet, this love is so satisfying and meaningful.

It is the mark of true and rare friendship.

The ultimate task is to experience this love when you stand completely alone with only yourself.




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