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The Grass is Greener Where You Are: New Year’s Resolve

Scrolling through the lovely New Year’s photography found across my Instagram, a post by Loose Lips Magazine made me stop mid-scroll.

It simply read: The Grass Is Greener Where You Are. Water It.

the grass is greener where you are. water it.

I sat with that.

What if it’s been unseasonably cold and snowy and we are having trouble remembering what that grass looked like? Of course we start dreaming of greener pastures, when ours is covered in a foot of snow. We wonder about something new, something fresh.

New Year’s is a difficult time. We are meant to review what has happened over the past year and then, every year, we get a fresh start: the chance for something new. We tend to think about it as a clean slate or a do-over. Whether you’re a cynic or not, whether you set and reach your New Year’s resolution every year, or you scoff at the whole thing, this idea that this year is going to be better instills hope. We resolve to do better.

These resolutions often originate from areas in our life where we believe we are failing. Because of this, a fresh start seems to be just what we need. We don’t want to look back on all the times we have given up sugar and failed or forgotten to run that marathon or write that book. We hesitate to go back to those times when we got caught up in our lives, heaven forbid, and neglected to keep our eye on the prize.

I began to wonder, what if we did the opposite? What if we evoked the following sentiment: there is no fresh start; this year is not going to be better, it’s going to be similar version of the last year? What if we took a look at our own pasture, covered in snow, and acknowledged the cycle: the ups and downs and everything in-between? What if we took the chance to sit with the discomfort of the areas we have “failed” and didn’t write it off? What if we simply let ourselves be imperfect humans, each somewhere along our own path?

We all want to be our best selves. But what if we just loved the self we have? The body we have? The partner, family, friends, house and clothes we have? Of course, we will always want to grow, but we could acknowledge the growth will be simply an addition to what is already there, wonderful and ready.

My New Year’s goal is to try my best to sit in my own pasture and take a look around, whether it’s covered in snow or browning due to summer drought. I want to work with what I’ve got. I aspire to make room for imperfections. What I hope to better understand is the growth that has occurred over the years. What I hope to internalize is a greater love for what I have right in front of me.

If this doesn’t work, I suppose there’s always next year!

Let the watering begin for us all! Happy 2017!

About the photography:

Grass in snow As a Maritimer, I came to Vancouver hoping to escape snow. This winter has shown no mercy on Vancouver, dumping snow that has stuck around. I am making the best of it by enjoying winter photography. This image came from a New Year’s Day stroll at Trout Lake Park. Despite the frozen lake and snow, these little green stems of hope are whispering sweet promises of spring.

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