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Portrait Photography: The Beautiful People

When I started taking photos I said the words: “I will never do portrait photography. I have no interest in taking photos of people.”

Let me take a moment to eat those words.

What changed my mind? The beautiful people changed my mind. Portrait photography became the form of photography I enjoy the most. I can’t get enough of taking pictures of people!

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I have always been a people watcher. In Halifax, for example, my favourite memories came from visiting the new seaport market on Saturday mornings. The design of the new building is not only green and caters to my love of architecture, but has an upper level that allows you to look down and see the entire main level. Nothing is better than grabbing a handmade waffle and coffee and perching on the stairs to watch all the beautiful people. The seaport market offers it all: families, couples, happy children, serious shoppers and casual browsers. I am terrible to hold a conversation with in these kinds of spaces; I get so distracted just looking at everyone and thinking: wow, people are so beautiful.

I believe I have surrounded myself with beautiful people. Not perfect people, but loving, kind, generous, creative givers. People who support each other, who show their true selves and who show up, without a façade and prepared to share themselves. I love that. I find true beauty in showing up, with your real smile and your real insecurities and curiosities.

This is what I strive to capture with my portrait photography. I do not aim for perfection, but to gift the model with seeing their beautiful self the way I see them.

Nobody is perfect, not even those who are setting the trends of beauty. Lighting, the tilt of a head, less or more shadow: these aspects all contribute to how an image captures the appearance of a subject. It’s important to recognise that these things are important and can make or break a photo, but this isn’t the essence of a person.

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Traditionally, some believed that photos captured a person’s soul. I aim to capture a bit of a person’s soul! In an era where images surround us, I aim to add images that capture that beautiful bit of a person that is who they are when they let you glimpse into their inner self.

We all have something beautiful to offer.

Take a look at my portrait photography to view the beautiful people who have let me glimpse a bit of their soul.Jessie Hannah photography corporate headshots


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