8 Non-romantic Things to do on Valentine’s Day… or any day

Valentine’s Day is weirdly one of the most contentious annual holidays out there.


Couples hate it because of the pressure.


Singles hate it because of the couples.


And everyone hates it because it produces the cheesiest, most gag-worthy movies of the year.


I love it because it’s the holiday of cards. And I love hand written cards.


I warmly recall the days of making a paper bag “mail box” in elementary school, decorated with hearts. Then each kid would go home and address cards to every classmate, and then on the day of, we would all receive a card from about 30 other kids. I remember one year sitting up late to make little bags of caramels for my classmates, nervous that people might not think they were cool. They ended up being a hit!


Can you imagine if 30 of your friends each gave you a card that expressed some sort of affectionate sentiment all on one day? How great would that be? Depression rates would plummet. Existential crises would decline by 82%. Climate change would be completely reversed.


Ok, none of those things are true. But it would feel damn good!

In the spirit of embracing good feelings that live outside of the romantic realm, here is a list of 8 ways you can share affection on ANY day of the year.


  1. Write a letter to an aging relative. Don’t have anything to tell them? Lie. Just make up an interesting story that they might enjoy reading.
  2. Listen to the podcast Modern Love. Storytelling meets real life meets professional narration by well-known actors.
  3. Slip something nice into a friend’s pocket. My sister is always putting cardamom pods into pockets. They are a nice smelling, funny little surprise.
  4. Self care yourself: treat yourself to something that will make you feel amazing. A massage, a long bath, or a bag of chips.
  5. Write a letter to a kid. Everyone has at least one kid in his or her life. Children hardly get any mail and it’s bound to make them excited.
  6. Classic: interact with a stranger. Offer a consensual hug. Give a high five. Buy flowers for a stranger. Your day will get 112% better, guaranteed.
  7. Send an overdue apology.
  8. Feed someone. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Make someone a box of KD with cut-up hot dogs (or veggie dogs). It’s the thought that counts.


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